Ashleigh Magee Coaching, LLC – Helping You Live Your Most Abundant Life

Hi, I'm Ashleigh...

I’m a health coach for military women who want to lose weight without spending hours at the gym or in the kitchen.


A simple way to eat clean, lose weight, and FEEL BETTER! This 7-day Clean Eating Challenge will help take the guesswork out of food and help you learn to live a healthy lifestyle.


Hi my name is Ashleigh Magee, and I work with motivated women like you who are proud of their military service but ready for more in their life. I am a health coach, active duty servicemember, and military spouse.

Over the last 6 years, I have learned and created systems that allow me to balance self-care and weight loss with the demands of active duty. Now, I help others build healthy lifestyles that they can sustain. 

Instead of crash diets and unsustainable workout regimens, I believe in changing small habits over time so you can sustain a healthy lifestyle (and maintain your sanity!). 


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