About Me – Ashleigh Magee Coaching, LLC


Hi I’m Ashleigh!

Hi my name is Ashleigh Magee, and I work with motivated women like you who are proud of their military service but ready for more in their life. I am a health coach, active duty servicemember, and military spouse.

Instead of crash diets and unsustainable workout regimens, I believe in changing small habits over time so you can sustain a healthy lifestyle (and maintain your sanity!). 

My story

Probably like you, my journey to health and wellness has been full of ups and downs. At the start of my career in the military, I struggled to balance my work and health. Overweight and struggling with depression, I was miserable. I could barely pass my military weigh-ins which was mortifying! The worse my health got, the worse I treated myself. I ate and drank whatever I wanted which continued my downward spiral. Because I didn’t feel good in my body, I didn’t value myself and allowed people to treat me poorly. I cried in my car everyday after work and occasionally contemplated suicide. Something had to change and soon.

I tried small changes. First, I started paying attention to serving sizes when I ate. Then, I learned what clean eating meant and began to incorporate those foods into my diet. I started committing to small workout goals and seeking accountability partners. At this time, I was also introduced to a network marketing company that focused on health and wellness. I realized I could help others along the same journey I was on while earning some additional income as well.

By making small consistent changes, I was able to completely transform my life. I lost the weight, overcame my depression, and learned how to maintain a healthy lifestyle. During this process, I also discovered my passion. Because of my network marketing business, I had helped others lose weight and improve their health. I found joy and fulfillment unlike anything I had experienced in the Navy, but I also wanted to build a business I had control over. That's when I launched Ashleigh Magee Coaching, LLC.

My mission is to help others on their journey to be the best version of themselves. You may be looking to help get your body healthy, or maybe your mind. Maybe you are simply looking for a community that will love and accept you without judgement. My promise is to support you, uplift you, empower you, mentor you, and provide you with the tools you need to find your fulfillment and joy in life.

How do I join?

If you are ready for more in your life, you can become a coaching client where together we create an actionable plan of small steps so you can confidently maintain a healthy lifestyle through food, fitness, sleep, and mindset. Simply email admin@ashleighmagee.com, and I will reach out to set up a call. 

I can't wait for us to get started!