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Healthier and Happier Humans – Mindset and Limiting Beliefs

Welcome to Healthier and Happier Humans with Ashleigh! 

This is a new weekly health show I will be doing, and we're going to spend about 15 to 20 minutes talking about a topic in health. Things like fitness, eating right, self-care, and mindset stuff. 

This first episode is about mindset and limiting beliefs because it is so crucial in everything that we do.

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When you have issues with mindset, or if you have limiting beliefs surrounding your health or yourself, it can stop you from actually following through with the actions you need to take in order to change your life.

​How to Identify Limiting Beliefs:

1 -  Pick a topic to dive into. Choose whatever your greatest struggle is right now.

2 - Give yourself permission to be honest.

3 - Ask yourself Questions

What excuses do you make around working out?

What emotions do I feel around this topic?


The more you can dig into identifying a limiting belief, the more power you're going to have to change it.

4 - Look at yourself from a third party. Imagine you are looking at a friends life instead of your own.

I do want to give you a little warning, this kind of work can be really, really difficult. You may hit a nerve that you didn't know was there, the more you dig in. But I truly believe that the more that you dig into those beliefs and issues, the more power you're going to give yourself to be able to grow and build and change.

And this again, isn't going to happen overnight. Progress, not perfection, okay. We should each be striving to be the best version of ourselves every day.

And we're gonna fall short.

Because we're human, that's part of the process. ​

Lastly, once you've kind of dug into your limiting beliefs, start telling yourself the opposite story.

Your brain believes what you tell it.

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Ashleigh Magee

I am a health and wellness coach who specializes in helping military women lose weight without spending hours at the gym or in the kitchen.

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